2014 Special Events

Wine Cruises aboard the Sam Patch

June 11th – “Your Guess is as Good as Wine”

Join us on our first wine cruise of the season! We will taste delicious wines from around the world with our Southern Wine and Spirits representative. We will help you take the guessing out of wine selecting. On this cruise you will sample varietals like Chardonnays, Cabernets or even the hard ones to pronounce! This cruise will definitely be “as good as wine” as Gene from Karma Sauces presents his unique hot sauces, “katsups” and mustards!

June 18th – “Put a Cork in it!”
This cruise along the historic Erie Canal aboard the Sam Patch, will not have you yelling at your companions to “put a cork in it,” rather to “uncork it!” Embark on a journey with us and our Empire Merchant representatives as we sample wines from Chile and experience what makes this part of South America one of the most delicious wine regions in the world. Shawn from Jambalaya Dreams will be showcasing his unbelievable jarred jambalaya!

June 25th – “It’s all Wine to me“
Cruise along the Erie Canal as we take you to the old world of wine, Europe. France, Italy and Spain showcase their roots brought to you by MS Walker. Although it might just be “all wine to you” we will show you what European wines taste like. While you dream of floating down the Canal Grande, Gironde River or the Duero, Maggie from Maggie’s Mustards will be joining us on this cruise to sample her one of a kind mustards!

July 16th – “Never Bite the Hand that Pours you Wine”
You never want to “bite the hand that feeds you” but most importantly you do not want to bite the hand that pours you wine! Join us as we welcome Winebow Imports on board to present some unbelievably unusual wines from Europe. This gives you a chance to try varietals and blends that you didn’t know existed! We invite you to join us on this memorable wine cruise along the Erie Canal while Chef Lerman tastes us on his fantastic dressings and sauces!

July 25th – “All on the Same Boat”
We will all be “on the same boat” together on this evening, as you experience new wines presented by Wine Worldwide. Delicious, delectable and mouth watering wines from Italy will have you wanting to grab everyone on board to catch the next flight to Bell’ Italia, so we’ll all be “on the same plane” together! Local producer to be determined.

August 15th - “Variety is the Spice of Life”
You may not have the chance to shake things up in your day to day life but this delightful cruise will that for you! Lauber Imports will be bringing wines that will be sure to amaze your palate. We will be comparing wines from Italy and California to see if you like European style wines or bold new world wines. Join us for a cruise that will give some “variety and spice” to your life. Local producer to be determined.

August 20th – “Sixth Sense”
You may think you’ve got a “Sixth Sense” and have the premonitions of when things may happen but you won’t know what will happen aboard this cruise. The wines poured this evening will be presented by Empire Merchants who will be sampling wines produced by Michael David Winery. Their Sixth Sense Syrah will have you thinking you have seven senses when you step off the Sam Patch into your everyday world.

August 29th- “Saved by the Wine”
We all know that the adult Zack Morris, might rather be “saved by the wine” instead of that inevitable school bell, then again… wouldn’t we all? Join us as we introduce you to wines from the Opici portfolio. These go to wines will be sure to save you time and time again, getting you out of any “grapey” situation. Local producer to be determined.

September 12th – “Cry over Spilled Wine”
Maybe we aren’t supposed to cry for Argentina but surely we can cry over spilled wine, especially if it’s a really scrumptious bottle of wine. On this cruise conducted by our Frederick Wildman representative we will taste wonderful wines that are affordable and worth crying tears of joy over how delicious they are! Local producer to be determined.

October 1st – “Best of Both Worlds”
On our last cruise of the season we will be bringing the old world and new world of wines together. These wines will be sure to peak your interest in European, North American, South American and wines from “down under.” Join us on this cruise and see if you can taste the difference in these amazing wines featured by Southern Wine and Spirits. To end our boating season Brent Bivona from Tavern on the Green and will be presenting their flavored balsamics!